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27132 SE Ravensdale Way
Ravensdale, WA 98058

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Rock Creek Sports Grand Opening November 2007

(From Left to Right: Mike Anderson, Norm Charlton, Dave Smart, Dave Wainhouse, Jason Ellison, Jay Buhner and Rob Nist)

Rock Creek Sports’ mission is to preserve and promote active youth exercise and skill development centered on Baseball & Fastpitch for all ability levels and all ages by providing a community center fostering positive development, citizenship, and community spirit in our youth. 

Our guiding principles:
¨      Be Inclusive – welcome all kids at all levels to participate (scholarships are available)
¨      Create Pride in greater community as well as individual and team accomplishments
¨      Provide positive instruction and development
¨      Encourage and praise the Student in the "Student/Athlete"
¨      Actively promote Community Service
¨      Provide value in lower-than-market pricing for all services provided
Our community service:
¨      We encourage kids, players, and teams to give back to the community through volunteer service work coordinated by Rock Creek Sports.
¨      We offer and facilitate free coaching clinics to local baseball and softball leagues to enhance the abilities of parent coaches resulting in better coaches for our younger kids.
¨      We offer meeting rooms for use by the public at no charge.
¨      We welcome and provide a venue for non-baseball programs such as Maple Valley Community Center’s popular Train Show.  

Rock Creek Sports is committed to offering high-level education and training, in addition to the use of the indoor facility to all youth of the community.  As a not-for-profit entity we offer all our services at lower-than-market pricing to encourage participation in the community center.  Many of our services and use of the facility are donated to local youth clubs and associations as part of our ongoing community service.   We also offer support in the form of service scholarships so that all may participate in active youth exercise and development.   

Rock Creek Sports is very grateful to King County Parks for the opportunity to partner with them in offering this facility to the community.   The success of this partnership has far exceeded everyone’s expectations.  It is a testament to the vision King County Parks and the local baseball community share in not just improving the use of youth active recreation facilities but providing a center where the youth of our community can gather to enjoy each other as well as America's favorite pastime.

Rob Nist, Mike Anderson, and Dave Smart remain instrumental as non-paid, volunteer directors of RMD Community Sports dba Rock Creek Sports and are committed to investing into the youth of our community.  They greatly appreciate your support! 

about us

RMD Community Sports Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to the development and improvement of youth active recreation.  The founders of this association, Rob Nist, Mike Anderson, and Dave Smart, believe that we must preserve active youth exercise and development while striking a balance with the electronic world we find ourselves in today.  In 2007 their pursuits toward this were recognized when they were asked to sit on the Ravensdale Park Design Committee by King County Parks representing the local baseball community’s interests for additional and improved ball fields.  Out of this association with King County Parks the opportunity to establish a not-for-profit, indoor, active youth development facility inside the existing Gracie Hansen Community Center at Ravensdale Park was born.  In November of 2007, RMD Community Sports Association dba “Rock Creek Sports” officially opened its doors offering a community center for the area youth around the active participation in baseball & fastpitch.   
Rock Creek Sports is a not-for-profit entity with the dual purpose of providing a source of active sports participation for the community youth and providing a funding source for the development and improvements of active recreation facilities in our community.   And so far it has been a huge success!   More than 250 kids and families actively use the community center at least once per week.  And through its success Rock Creek Sports was able to fund a substantial portion of the initial phases of the Ravensdale Park development.